CMA | Certified Management Accountant

People with certified management accountant (CMA) certification can work in corporate financial accounting and strategic management. Professionals may choose the CMA pathway because it covers different topics have certified public accountant (CPA) certification.

CPAs focus on job tasks, like writing audit reports and preparing tax returns. In contrast, CMAs specialize in management and executive-level duties. CMAs also analyze budgets and help companies make informed strategic business decisions.

The Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) certifies people who pass the CMA exam. Accountants may get a CPA license before applying to executive positions, like chief financial officers. CMA salaries typically surpass non-certified accountants.

What Are the Certified Management Accountant Requirements?

Prospective CMAs must follow requirements set by IMA. Accountants must complete the CMA program are IMA, pass the CMA exam, and complete CMA requirements.

Professionals who meet IMA's educational and experience prerequisites may pursue CMA certification. Certification candidates must hold active IMA membership. All CMA program enrollees at IMA membership. Aspiring CMAs also to pass two-part exam and follow IMA's code of professional ethics.

People should note that IMA charges CMA program fees. Professional members pay $250 to enroll in program, and $415 for each part the CMA exam. Student members pay $188 and $311, respectively.

Educational CMA Requirements

Aspiring CMA should hold either bachelor degree, of accredited college or IMA-approved professional certification. An independent agency must evaluate non-accredited degrees.

CMA candidates with as bachelor's degrees should have schools email official transcripts directly to IMA. Those completed professional certification, ask their certifying organizations to email official letters to IMA.

Prospective enrollees must verify their education within seven years of taking CMA exam.

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